The Magic Paintbrush

Amy picks up an ancient paintbrush and unwittingly unleashes the power to make her art real—and sometimes dangerous!

Amy dreams of being a brilliant artist. But lately, drawing is more painful than joyful. She second-guesses every brushstroke and erases half her sketches before they're complete. Then Amy visits her grandmother, Lao Lao, and finds an ancient paintbrush with magical powers. Everything Amy paints with the magic paintbrush comes to life--including her old imaginary friends, Luna!

But the magic paintbrush brings trouble too. When a giant monster smashes into Lao Lao's apartment, Amy must face a greedy adversary bent on stealing the brush for himself. Together with Luna, she embarks on a thrilling adventure, learns that Lao Lao is far from the feeble elderly lady she expected, and rediscovers the spark in her own art.

“Gorgeous and gripping, The Magic Paintbrush swoops readers off on rip-roaring fantasy adventure that unfurls like a magnificent scroll. Brimming with imagination and heart…” 

- Soman Chainani, author of THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL series

“A thrilling escapade” 

- Publisher's Weekly