Amy Wu and the Ribbon Dance

When Amy Wu learns about Chinese ribbon dancing, she can’t wait to try it out herself in this charming and brightly illustrated fourth installment in the Amy Wu picture book series.

Amy Wu loves to move. From wriggling to shimmying to toe-tapping, she just can’t keep still, not when there’s music all around her! So when Amy sees Chinese ribbon dancing for the first time, she has to try it out with her friends. But she just can’t find the right ribbon…

A story from Mom helps lift her spirits. And when she hears her family and friends playing music, she can’t help swaying along. Will Amy be able to ribbon dance without the perfect ribbon?



"This fourth entry is just as bouncy and buoyant as previous series installments. Full of movement, Chua’s vignettes evoke the energy and celebration of dance and music in Zhang’s rhythmic prose. A heartwarming whirl."

- Kirkus Review

"Amy Wu is at it again! This time she is dancing across the pages of the book and into our hearts."

- Youth Services Book Review

"This book is a beautiful celebration of dance, expression, and creativity."

- Teach for the Change


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