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*Is WHAT’S LEFT OF ME set in the future? Because how did we get to have two souls in the future?

   No, but it’s a common misconception because the book is often labeled “dystopia.” While What’s Left of Me does have dystopian elements (oppressive government, etc), the book is set in an alternate version of the 21st century. People have just always been born with two souls in this world. It’s explained more in the books, I promise.

Who's your agent?

The lovely Emmanuelle Morgen of Stonesong

Can you read my manuscript/short story and tell me what you think?

I'm sorry, but unfortunately, I can't. Just about all my free time has been eaten up lately. I DO, however, still offer critiques from time to time in auctions for charity or such. If I am ever offering something like this, I will be sure to blog/tweet about it. If you are running an auction for a charity and would like me to donate a critique, please let me know!

When will What's Left of Me/Once We Were/Echoes of Us be released?

What’s Left of Me released September 18, 2012, and Once We Were releases September 17, 2013. The final book, Echoes of Us, comes out in 2014.

I live in a country where the series hasn’t been published yet, and I really want a copy!

You can check the Foreign Sales page on the Hybrid Chronicles site to see if the trilogy has been sold in your country. Sometimes, the books do show up in countries not on that list, too. I’m not sure how that happens because distribution policies are beyond me.

However, if you can’t find the book in your country (and you’re okay with reading the series in English/Spanish/Italian/German/Chinese/French/etc), Book Depository ships free to a TON of countries (and often has pretty awesome sales, too).

When did you start writing What's Left of Me/how long did it take you to write the book/get an agent/sell the trilogy?

I started writing What's Left of Me the winter of my senior year of high school. The first draft took me a little more than a year. Then I revised for a few months and, after querying about 2 months, signed with Emmanuelle. I revised with her for about 6 more months, and then we went on submission to publishers and announced the deal with HarperCollins about a month after that :)

How old were you when you sold the Hybrid Chronicles?

I sold the Hybrid Chronicles when I was 19.

You didn't answer my question :(

Sorry! Please head over to the contact page and email it to me.

If your question is a general writing/publishing question (how do I get an agent? How do you feel about present tense? How many words can a YA book be? Etc), or something non-spoiler-y about my books, consider using my ask box on Tumblr.

That way, other people can benefit, and in the future, I can direct people to that post ;)